Celebrities Online Reputation


How celebrities manage their online reputation with PR firms and reputation management firms

They pay anywhere from $10,000 dollars to $100,000 dollars and that’s just for starters. That is just for reputation management firm. PR firms for basic service start at 4,500 and can go as high as six figures.

Take for instance, Kobe Bryant, did he need to hire someone when he was caught in an adulterous affair with the young woman from a hotel. Of course he needed someone to clean that up. Celebrities pay other people to make sure their online presence is in good standing. They give orders to a personal assistant to contact pr firms and reputation management companies. They understand just how social media works and if they are smart they hire the ultimate personal assistant,who has reputation management capabilities.

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If they are truly savvy they follow Taylor Swift’s or Vin Diesel’s lead. They are authentic, lovable and give just enough to keep them coming. They know that reporters maybe still be in the bushes looking to catch them unaware. The new game in town is far more insidious than some guy or gal in the bushes trying to create a career off her or his back. It could be a waiter with a smartphone just as Mitt Romney found out when President Carter’s great grandson leaked his infamous; all he needs is 47 percent of the vote to win. I guess some blunders even a tech savvy handler can’t fix. Some celebrities have good insight they hire people once they have arrived.

They understand they can take nothing for granted. Celebrities know image is everything in this business. Any slight of hand can be used to create another career for someone else. Tiger woods have created many millionaires with his sex addiction. One and I do mean one god forsaken telephone line, really Tiger what were you thinking, not that adultery is a good thing.