Internet Marketing And PR

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How internet marketing and PR have become an integral part of reputation management

Reputation Management and Public Relations are often share similar traits. Their difference lie in reputation management acts like an invisible hand pulling strings while public relations is more face forward and visible to the public. Internet marketing is done by either creating trends or following them. All three are about boosting images by using positive presentation to do it. Public Relations use social events and positive public speaking engagements along with charitable acts to gain positive feedback and goodwill with the public. Reputation Management companies work to clean up damaged images.

They do this by manipulating Google to the point where all negative press about law firms, celebrities, and public figure rank very low. They place enough truthful good things about the client and work their magic to rank these highest with Google. Internet Marketing is about placing products and services in such a way that people buy them. Positive press, positive positioning is what internet marketing and pr offer they have become an integral part of reputation management for those reasons.

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How reputation management has evolved over the past decade

The reputation management business has evolved over the past decade due to the major influx of technological advances and what that has meant to privacy. It has meant that celebrities could be born just by having a strong presence on social media. It has also meant that it create jobs for people that were watching this boom and took advantage of it. Ten years ago this technology was barely available and what could be done with it had not be realized so reputation management was largely left to pr firms which was used by the wealthy and savvy people.

So much of other people’s lives were in the dark and news traveled slower that it does today. News travels at warp speed literally the moment something is done everybody knows about it. We know live in environment where anyone with a cell phone can break a story and get paid for it. So with the uprising of that came reputation management.Any person, or business with a name and brand to protect can benefit for reputation management.