media reputationonline reputation Reputation Management refers to fast suppression of negative post and integration of positive post design to repair damaged reputation or create a positive image for celebrities, politicians, and businesses. In brief, all types of companies and individuals can benefit from professional reputation management.

Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan, Jesse Jackson

A picture is worth a thousand words. Silence and Cover ups used to be the name of the game. If your star was not bright enough, a sex scandal like rape or sexual harassment, for many up and coming stars could put their light out. Just ask Al. B.

Sure, the sexy heartthrob of the nineties. A drug and alcohol fueled night down skid row could leave your adoring fans wondering what happen to you, just ask Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan. What is amazing about your reputation is that you could spend a long time to build it and one wrong move and your house of cards came tumbling down. Those days were sad indeed. Times have changed and rightly so everyone should be judged by their body of work,right? To some degree, still so much has changed and a reputation can be built through bad behavior which is a little fun and wicked sometimes, unless you go too far.

Spin doctors are good, they are the wizards of reputation management today. They can now take the worst incident and make it look like the right thing to do. Part of their genius is that they are right. They tap into our humanity and they offer another perspective about what happened either coloring the event entirely or invoking sympathy for the vulnerable star or starlet. Ten years ago PR was not as popular or as effective as it is today. We were less opinionated about how celebrities including public figures conducted their lives. With the advent of social media we know what is happening at the very second it’s happening. It seems that someone is always watching, our iPhones are capturing everything, it’s good in one way and it’s horrible in other ways. The good way ,is wrong doing needs to be exposed. The bad way is we have given up much needed privacy everything is not for public consumption.

Reputation management in a post Google world

public relations Ingenious savvy techs have manipulated Google, bad press can be manually suppressed and good things can be ranked at the top. Celebrities, companies, public figures and politicians benefit from this. Before we knew about SEO’s and the numbers game, if you got any negative press or review the name of company could be pulled up and you could lose sales, licenses, job. It was awful. The advent of social media along with PR as saved many reputations. We saw a lot of business, companies bounce back after a scandal or bad reviews.