If there’s anything internet users are most concerned about when it comes to networking, it’s their privacy. Between personal security around other internet users and security from hackers and soliciting companies, your privacy and overall security is extremely important and Mozilla continues to be just as concerned about each of their internet user’s security as they are and wants their private browsing to be as private as possible. Industry leaders like Avisolve http://www.avisolve.com/ are dedicating to offering businesses with the ideal solutions to their IT needs.


Mozilla has been serious about privacy and freedom in the networking world for a long time and is still successfully advancing in their technology to improve just that. Mozilla has recently been making great improvements to the security of their users private browsing in Firefox pre-beta. This new tool in the pre-beta builds of Firefox is being created to successfully block your private browser from being tracked. Although this tool is only available in pre-beta right now, it could possibly be included in future versions of Mozilla Firefox’s main browsing. These improvements were designed and created specifically to eliminate other websites from following your browsing patterns while browsing the internet.

This new tool could also stop some of the same side advertisements from following you around the internet from website to website. This new advanced tool Mozilla is experimenting with is made to stop any ad networks, and other alike companies, from being able to wrongfully track your cookies or fingerprinting. This tool is currently available for Android on Firefox Aurora, Windows on Firefox Developer Edition, Max and Linux. Not only will this new tool help to ensure your privacy when browsing and eliminate some lingering advertisements but it will also give you better protection from viruses by better identifying suspicious browser add-ons that could potentially install malware to your computer or accumulate some of your personal information.


This new tool is a great way to block some targeted ads and security threats by eliminating the core of the problem, web tracking, right off the bat. Some people may be aware there is actually a “Do Not Track” option on Firefox and many other major internet browsers available to users for this reason. However, this option has proven not to be very effective in most cases. Although they can’t speak for other major browsers, Mozilla is taking steps to making their “Do Not Track” browser setting more effective along with this new pre-beta private browsing tool.